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For insurers, times have seldom looked more challenging and more promising.

Technology offers unprecedented possibilities, accelerating and increasing performance differences between innovation leaders and laggards. Players must act now or risk losing relevance.

But separating relevant developments from hyped-up marketing talk can be time-consuming. Moreover, technology is just one of many fast-moving dimensions. Meanwhile, challenging market conditions in core lines are demanding constant attention.

How to stay on top of it all? Attending events can be inspiring, but do they bring the needed change? Hiring consultants may prove effective, but will the outcomes justify the investments?

What if you could work through critical issues in unique, concise formats, professionally facilitated, inspired and supported by industry-leading pioneers and subject matter experts?

What if you could discuss clever practices and hairy implementation challenges with international peers?

Enter the new Future of Insurance consortium, developed by the Centre for Business Innovation (CfBI).

Liaising with the University of Cambridge, CfBI has served select peer leader groups for over a decade, successfully bridging gaps between inspiration and impact time and time again


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