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Cybersecurity Consortium—CSC-1


The Cyber Security Consortium – CSC-1 - is a new programme which will commence in Q4 of 2014, with members from across the UK and with selected other European organisations invited to join. CSC1 is for public and private sector organisations that wish to be aware of the current and emergent threats and best practice responses to the challenges of maintaining Cyber Security within organisations and in respect of supply chains, customers and citizens who they serve. The consortium members will define the precise focus of the series of meetings but these are likely to include:

-The human, organisational and technical aspects of data integrity and security;
-Policy on risk avoidance, board level reporting and management and employee engagement;
-Supply chain integrity and protection;
-CRM and brand reputation;
-Fraud, hacking and criminal attack.

Benefits to consortium members will include:
-Sharing issues, solutions & learning from failures, with other members, while maintaining confidentiality
-Building technical and industry network contacts which can be leveraged within their organisation to establish subsequent beneficial bilateral exchanges of information
Gaining awareness of the state of the art in respect of cyber security, and information assurance and edge of the radar appreciation of the future trends, both technical and organisational.

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The consortium director, Peter Hewkin is available for discussion on +44 (0)7951721110 or peter.hewkin@cfbi.com