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Consortium Delegate Feedback

What consortium participants say

Read some Delegates' recent comments on CfBI consortia. For those who are seriously interested in joining one of our consortia, CfBI can provide telephone references from existing Delegates.

"The Dublin meeting was among the best I have attended for content and networking – well done" DL 7/10/2016

"First of all, my heart-felt congratulations on a tour-de-force consortium meeting in Houston last week. Fantastically solid, information-filled, network-achieving and all-round stimulating on the subject of NCEMs." MB 01/12/2015

  • "The Social Media for Business Consortium provides a great opportunity to network, expand knowledge and challenge ways of working, amongst like-minded Brands and Industry experts. The collaborative environment developed by the Social Media for Business Consortium fuels an environment for learning that can add significant value to your Business, in a way that numerous conferences, or agency/vendor engagements fail to deliver" KB 2/2/2014

  • "I believe that consortia like this are a critical step towards bridging the gap between extraordinary science and products commercialization. We feel privileged to be invited to speak to a group that is interested in DOING something as opposed to just TALKING about something. The connections we created during the two days of interactions will be crucial for the success of our products and our company.” KK 30/10/2012

  • “We all felt that the value obtained from the single meeting that we just had justified the yearly fees on its own." MB 14/1/2012

  • Thanks for a very positive OI3.2 – I really enjoyed the discussions centered around intelligent people with business patterns different from our own" SW 2/02/2012

  • "Thank-you for the perfect organisation of MF3" RW 11/10/2011

  • "I am a strong supporter of CfBI and my experience in the participation of previous OI consortium has been excellent. In particular I found the interactions with peers from other companies very good, and the programs rich enough to foster interesting discussions. The event last year in Geneva at WIPO was just great, and I learned a lot about IP during the event" MB 20/9/2011

  • "Many thanks for all your efforts in planning and succeeding in organizing a really exciting program" CH 12/05/2011

  • "Looking back at a good meeting, thanks for the organisation and excelent facilitation" WN 26/1/2011

  • ""The OI Consortium has provided a unique forum of experts with whom one can discuss key issues around innovation management, learn from the experience of peers across a variety of industries, establish extremely valuable networks for cross-company benchmark. The efficient way in which meetings are structured has allowed a very effective use of the face-to-face time, as well as great flexibility in steering the discussions according to the topics of interest that may emerge" CM 20/12/2010

  • “I would like to thank you and your staff for organising a very useful and interesting meeting." GN 18/09/09

  • “I really enjoyed the meeting this week, the consortium looks to be finding its feet and some of the conversations that kicked off in the afternoon closed session began, in my opinion, to get to the root of the issues surrounding the technology, issues that the consortium ought to be addressing.” JG 20/9/09

  • “- The concept is very good. I really liked the interaction with the other people, especially during dinner and the breaks. And it was a good idea to push us during the dinner to sit at tables where you don't know anyone. This makes it easy to make new contacts.” RG 24/9/09

  • "It was a great pleasure participating at the MF-1.3 in Enschede. Once again I learned a lot on the industrial applications of micro-fluidic components." AT 5/11/09

  • "I enjoyed the day and thought it was a very interesting group which I am sure will make for a very stimulating series of discussions as this moves forward." MZ 18/7/09

  • "Thanks for a very constructive day" JH 14/7/2009

  • "I hope I all be able to attend next meeting in September to carry on this fruitful experience and to maintain established relations." PC 17/7/09